meet arli


Known for: my red hair, classy style, monogrammed everything! I'm always wearing a statement piece, overtly type-A, and always reading the next empowerment or organization book. 

I’m Arli, NC born but VA raised, located in the middle of wine country and cityscapes. I call home where my husband Jon Alan, two sons: Mason and Weston, and our pup Tippon are. My fuel is chocolate anything and great company. You can find me at a lunch date with friends or shopping at my favorite local shops… as much as possible.

The classic, timeless romantic 

I'm arli


my husband

My first love, a classic teenagers in love story with a happily ever after ending.
He drives me and protects me. He shows me daily our love story is the greatest. 

interior design

You can find me at all the boutiques and home stores. I love decorating and I'm always changing our home style.

a cold beverage on a sunny day

I'm an iced chai latte or hazelnut coffee girl. My summer pleasure is sweet tea or pink lemonade, but I do not believe in mixing the two. My favorite spot to sip and chat is on our grand porch overlooking the lake.

fashion and accessories

Sandals, an A-line dress, a statement accessory, & all the things monogramed is my style. JCrew and Loft are my favorites.


My Favorite Things

The dimples that she loves when you are pretending to be upset about something that really you aren't. The way she brushes her hair behind her ear and it softly hits her neckline. 

Nothing tells your story like the small details that are everything to you.

I Believe

Make the investment so your future children and grandchildren can look at them the way you do now.

Your photos are an heirloom

I Believe

You should be able to look back at your photos and relive that moment and smile a hundred more times about it.

it's all about the memories

I Believe


enchanted classic elegance. on the daily.

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